Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Show moves to South Dakota

I should probably blog about our 8 hour drive yesterday. I should tell you about the many zillions of times I was asked if we were there yet. I should tell you about being asked to break the many hours into minutes and then into seconds. But then I'd have to relive all of that. I could tell you about

Though it was 100 degrees here yesterday, it's in the low 70s today and too chilly to go to The River. Instead, we went to the Enterprise, out to Shorty's for lunch and then we went out to Sam's place to see the sheep. This trip ended up with me leaving the Trio for Dan to babysit in a tractor for the rest of the afternoon. He told me they were "would pretty tight." Something about them being put into a big wagon where they threw dirt and rocks at the tractor.

We're fighting mosquitoes and runny noses. Hopefully, we get out of South Dakota with simple hay fever and not West Nile Virus.

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