Saturday, July 5, 2008

A New Complaint

I tucked your child into bed tonight and left the room. Started to get Owen tucked and realized his allergy meds were in Sabin's room. Went back there. There was one last complaint that needed to come out before I left. Sabin's Nintendo DS thumb is hurting really bad.

Another funny thing happened at fireworks in Platte tonight. It was the 9th inning of the baseball game and we'd just arrived. We parked near center field and walked over to peek. Sabin said, "Bugger we don't have a pickup!" That's the preferred method of fireworks viewing in Platte. I assured her our blankie was just fine and spread it on the ground.

I asked her during the fireworks if it made more sense to watch fireworks in the summer when it's warm outside. She said "No, because when you watch fireworks in winter at New Year's, it's really dark and you can see them much better." Never mind the fog, I guess.

Note to outsiders: Sabin is Danish and the Danes do fireworks on New Years Eve. It's not terribly cold, but usually there's been a lot of alcohol. Then you stumble outside at midnight and shoot off your own fireworks... no organized municipal fireworks, because if you're not 10-12 feet away from where they're being launched, you likely won't even see them for all the fog.

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julochka said...

i remember nintendo thumb.

i always called it yoshi thumb tho'.