Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How many minutes from 37 minutes?

You've got these super high efficiency appliances that clean and dry your laundry. While I'm sure that they use less water and less electricity to clean your towels, you do have a bit of a problem. The dryer isn't supposed to sound like it's scraping a big piece of glass around inside. And the washer, after already running for 120 minutes stays forever on 37 minutes. Surely, the washer has a specific period of time during which it stays on 37 minutes. It could be a half an hour or so, or maybe even as many as 68 minutes. You don't know... you're moving around, doing "stuff." I'd like to ask you if the washer is using any water or electricity during that unspecific period of time where the timer stays on 37 minutes? Is this electricity included in the efficiency rating for that particular appliance?

How many minutes is it from 9 minutes? You and I have problems with numbers. I told you earlier tonight that, according to Wikipedia, Platte, South Dakota had a population of 1367 people in the year 2000 and a population density of 1364.4 people per square mile. I simply considered that the two numbers were awfully close. Perhaps Platte is almost exactly one square mile, then. Er, uh, what? "Too many numbers," you said.

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