Tuesday, January 29, 2008

some things of note before I leave

You'll notice some new artwork on the wall in the kitchen. I believe it's mostly Finn's work, with a little Owen mixed in. You'll notice the nice use of watercolors. There's a barn, silo and choo choo train theme. That was a packet of birthday goodies for Sabin, by the way. It was Sabin's decision to put them up on the wall with the consultant snot.

I took a couple tiny balls of that yard we tangled up and then sorted out the other night. It's my goal to knit a little pouch for my Nano while I'm on the plane.

I took the shaver from your shower. Where the hell is mine?

I also took one of your combs. Not that you'll even notice. I still can't find my blue pick, but I did find the missing bra!

While at Føtex today, I forgot that I was leaving for 5 days and I bought 2 packages of the toast bread that Sabin and I like so much. I tried to eat as much of it today as possible.

I decided to take my computer. Sorry to leave you with no pictures successfully printed! You should try to install a driver again for that printer on your machine. I know it's possible and you'll have to do that anyway when I leave. I'm not hauling that thing back just to wait for 3 weeks to have the HP people help me regionalize it again!

Ok that's all... I'm going down after a paella pan. Win or don't come home. See you soon.

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