Wednesday, January 16, 2008

you gotta find out your dosha!!

hey sis, what IS your dosha anyway? i learned this evening, while you were out eating sushi (probably not good for your dosha) and chatting the evening away, that my dosha is pitta. you've got to find out what yours is! we won't know what to cook until you do! i think tho', that before we start this new ayurvedic way of living according to our doshas, we'd better do that detox. february would be a good month. it's short. we can live without cocktails for one month in the interest of our long term health, don't you think?


where are you?

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Monica said...

Since that quiz wasn't on Facebook, I got all confused and lost my results. It put up some numbers about what's going on in my mind and body. Then I clicked on "learn about my dosha" and I went back to the home page... nothing about MY dosha. I don't have the patience to learn new words. What does it mean?

You're cooking onions. Smells really great, but here I am with an empty wine glass!