Thursday, January 31, 2008

to read

you said you wanted a list of books to read:

  1. john irving, a widow for one year (you said the other day you weren't sure you read it...i think it's one of his best and even if you read it, you should read it again)
  2. umberto eco, how to travel with a salmon (these are whimsical little essays that you can graze through. put this one in your bathroom for reading in the tub and other bathroom reading opportunities)
  3. j. maarten troost, the sex lives of cannibals and getting stoned with savages (light and humorous reading about someone who dropped off the grid and onto vanuatu. it will make you want to spend time on an atoll in the south pacific)
  4. paul auster, oracle night (it's about writing and a special notebook and he's married to siri hustvedt)
  5. francis wheen, how mumbo-jumbo conquered the world (op-ed pieces, but very accessible, erudite and amusing)
  6. you've got to read the Harry Potter books. Period.
  7. gabriel garcia marquez, love in the time of cholera (not an easy read, but worth it)
  8. salman rushdie, fury

i think that will do for now. i'll keep adding more as i think of them.

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