Sunday, January 13, 2008

mean people

what is up with mean people? like the woman at the swimming pool today. the swimming pool nazi, i have dubbed her. yelling at us for going into the shower with our swimsuits on to rinse them after being in the pool. she was so strangely righteous about it. because the suit might get soap on it. and when i commented that it probably got soap on it when i washed it at home in the washing machine, she said, "no one else does," in her righteous, pedagogical tone, implying that would probably rot in hell for washing my suit. what was her problem? was she a pervert who simply wanted to see naked women's bodies? (that would explain the staring as we shed our swimsuits.) was it about humiliation? she was certainly eager to be angry and loud and the pool was crowded. there was another time when she yelled at me for having evidence of yesterday's mascara around my eyes, giving me a righteous lecture about removing my mascara. righteous wench. why do people whose lives are clearly poisoned want everyone else's to be as well? sometimes people just mystify me.

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