Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daily Affirmations

The things I've done that prove I'm a good Mom:
* Made the chicken pasta dish that needs to start with a baked chicken. (Per Finn's never ending requests)

* Kept Finn with me while editing a buncha audio for folks in Manila (played with train with my toe while working)

* Made yet another batch of organic whole milk yogurt. Only this time, I added gelatin so it's not "drinkable" yogurt. Brilliant!

* While stealing some blooming lilacs from the front yard of someone I didn't know, I pointed out to Finn in the back seat that nobody was home and these trees were far from the house.

* TWO installments on homework done in one night (not because of looming due date, rather because it felt so good to get it out of the way... didn't it OWEN?)

* Finally got oil changed in car (why does this make me a good mother? I'm not sure, but it felt good to cross something off my list of things to do.)

* Agreed to pack school lunches and go along as "parent helper" on field trip to Bever Park tomorrow with Owen's kindergarten class.

* Set up big-time bike riding equipment for this summer... a real bike with gears for Owen and a trailer bike for Finn to ride and pedal behind me.

* Answered 5007 "Why to the construction workers do it that way?" questions in spite of not really knowing much about the jobs construction workers.

* Forced Owen to eat carrots and "grape" tomatoes when he cried about his state of near-starvation last night 20 minutes before supper.

* Stopped blog entry short when whining to play with me became too much to bear.

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