Saturday, May 10, 2008

seven random things - julie

before i left for halfway across the world, i read jaime's meme posting on seven random things and vowed to do it. i have been wondering which seven random things to write, but have landed upon these:
  1. i have the absolutely worst queue karma in the world. no matter what. if you should ever come up behind me to wait in line, run like the wind, even if the other lines are twice the length, go get in them. you will not regret it.
  2. i steal airline spoons. but only if i don't already have them or they have a new design.
  3. i have lived for seven years without a bathtub. (don't worry, we do have a shower.) (and thankfully, it's not for much longer, as we're redoing the bathroom.)
  4. when i sing patsy cline's crazy, patsy possesses me.
  5. i love iPods and have 6 of them (each with their own purpose).
  6. although i try to pretend i'm not, i'm still gleefully pleased when i fly business class.
  7. i love being gold on an airline, but i'm a little disappointed if it's too easy. for example, it took only two flights to go gold on KLM. granted, it was two flights to manila, but still. last year i requalified for gold status on SAS in under a month.

now it's your turn, sis. bear in mind, it's seven random things about YOU.

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