Friday, May 30, 2008

list of lists i need to make

right now, these are the lists i need to make:
  1. ways of torturing husband.
  2. ways of causing bodily harm to husband.
  3. ways of not getting caught for causing bodily harm to husband.
  4. ways of having the willpower to keep phone turned off so husband cannot call me.
  5. ways of causing pain to husband but not killing him, so he suffers. a lot.

you get the general theme.

i am so pissed.

we booked the end of next week to take the oslo ferry up to my job, which is, as we know, in oslo. thursday is the family summer party at DNV and i signed us up--me, sabin and husband. so i booked us to take the oslo ferry at 5 p.m. on wednesday, returning at 9 a.m saturday morning. this will give husband the opportunity to meet my colleagues and see my workplace and talk to the guy who hired me about a job opportunity that's listed on the DNV website.

so, husband talks to his boss, who tells him that because of the handover to Post DK, it's best if he doesn't go.

add in that thursday is a holiday in denmark. so, it's arguably ONE day off.

add in that said boss has promised husband NOTHING as far as a job is concerned when this whole outsourcing, which he has handled in what can only be characterized as an exemplary fashion, is over.

so, who does husband choose? wife who offers great opportunity for new job? or boss who says, "eeehh, i don't think it's a very good idea" but promises NADA?

hence the list above.

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