Thursday, May 8, 2008

stimulating the economy

ok, i have shopper's high. and that's why i'm up again at 12:35 a.m. (tho' this post will show as earlier than that since i started it awhile ago before i decided i had to try to pack all of the goodies i bought into my one, lone, woefully oh-so-small suitcase. i am SO buying a new suitcase in manila. but, that's no surprise, i do that every time i'm in manila.)

here is the main reason for the shopper's high:

i know that i had planned to buy a canon, and i looked at the canons and would even have considered myself a canon person, but yet i succumbed to the nikon. the whole experience was great and the girl was totally cool, not pushy and so helpful. the nikon simply felt right in my hand and i think 10 megapixels is enough for me. plus, now i have those extra $400 sing dollars to use on something else. like this:

or this. i can't really decide which. i received the one above for christmas and then it didn't work and i had to give it back, but the iYiYi just has such a great name. but the back of it is really ugly. however, if it's up on a shelf surrounded by books, who is going to see that? and it would look really pretty in the writing house:

these are available at the airport, so i will get one in the morning. in black, since the majority of the iPods in our house are black and we already have the white apple hifi for the white blinged-out porn pod (as maria calls it). you can never have too many places to dock your iPod.

there's just something about singapore that brings out my shopping gene. there are so many malls, perhaps my mall-dar just goes into overdrive. that and i found a gap. where i bought 3 of the softest, most wonderful t-shirts. thank goodness gap has remembered that what they DO is t-shirts. or was it sweatshirts they had forgotten. anyway, the one thing i really miss from the US (other than my family, of course), is the gap.

but, if i'm going to make that flight to manila in the morning AND have time for a little henry kloss, i gotta get some sleep.

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