Tuesday, May 20, 2008

it always comes back to me

originally posted this one over on MPC, but realized it goes better here:

yesterday it was a typical crowded monday in netto, the local discount grocery store (in case you forgot). at one point, while i was examining the bright, cheerful kitchen towels in the spotvarer section, i squeezed close to the shelf to let an older woman by. she said, in english, "thank you."

for a good five minutes afterwards, i thought, "how did she know i was english-speaking? do i have an especially english-speaking look about me today? what is it that made her know i was english-speaking? am i dressed differently? is it my hair? or my seven for all mankind jeans?"

then i got to the cash register and she was at one of the other registers and i heard her say, "thank you" again. then and only then, it hit me. SHE was english-speaking!

maybe not everything in life is about me.

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Monica said...

Didn't you immediately think, when you were hearing a "thank you" nicety from a STRANGER in DENMARK that she was surely a foreigner? Danes aren't that friendly, ya know...