Friday, May 16, 2008

daily dysfunction

hmm, i'm afraid i could make a list of ways in which i'm not going to win any world's best mom awards anytime soon:
  1. left child for ten days and went to singapore and manila on business (gleefully enjoyed myself).
  2. left child home alone with Far, who left her home alone one day while she was sick and he had to go to a meeting. to be fair, she wasn't really that sick.
  3. assuage guilt when coming home by showering child in avalanche of new clothes.
  4. give child chocolate in her lunch "packse" because of lack of carrots, cucumber or tomatoes in the house (lack of which represents bad parenting by Far, who is crazy busy).
  5. allowed child to wear thongs to school when it might not be quite warm enough for that.
  6. taking child out of school 3 days next week to go to germany on mini-vacation.
  7. buying child clothing called "miss whatever" might not promote good attitude in child.

that's enough for now, tho' i am sure there are many other things.

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