Tuesday, June 3, 2008

all is well

just an update on the ranting post wherein i made lists of lists of ways to torture husband because he couldn't/wouldn't come to oslo this week.

well, his boss came to his senses (without the help of the armenians i was going to sic on him) and it's all ironed out and husband will come to oslo on the crown of scandinavia with sabin and me tomorrow afternoon. we will sail, eat too much at the buffet and have breakfast while sailing into the oslo fjord the next morning. then, i will go to work and husband and sabin will play all day in oslo until it's time to come to the family summer party at my work in høvik.

the weather is supposed to be glorious. we'll be home again on saturday morning when rafy, the good polish guy will show up and he and husband will build the writing house. hopefully in one go.

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