Monday, June 30, 2008

Today's run down (rundown)

I've had the camera safely and stupidly packed in its bag for the past two days. But I'll admit, I don't think to get it out when we're just hanging out at home. That's what we did for the first half of today. Then the Tremendous Troika departed for the t-ball picnic with Steve. I spent some quality time back at home for an hour or so and then fetched just Sabin for an afternoon of shopping.

First we hit the Gap. And lucky Sabin, the entire girls' section was on sale! She's loaded up now on clothes for her summer abroad. We're still unable to find the belt that was supposedly packed. And I forced her to buy pants that are slightly big, so we'll need to go out in search of a belt in the next couple of days. Anyway, our shopping continued at Lindale Mall at a place called "Justice; Just for Girls." The place was a little pricey, so we picked up only a swimming suit and a beach towel/terry bag combo thing there. We moved on to Kohl's for some tops as the Gap cache was largely bottoms. That was a good move, too, because there were many tops to choose from. Something I learned today. Girls clothing. It looks like a top, but put it ON the girl and you find that it's a dress. Very interesting.

Sabin has a tiny bladder. I'm finding that there are restrooms in many unexpected places. Like that shrimp and cell phone store just off the interstate in Chicago. They have a restroom not usually accessible to the public. And I guess it's no surprise that the sushi restaurant has a restroom, but I was surprised that we needed it TWICE during one meal. Really looking forward to that long, long drive to SoDak. I'm used to boys who can pee in the ditch, if necessary. Sabin's cries for needing to go potty are just so sad. With my boys, I get a casual mention and then a few minutes before the whining starts. When it does, it's usually pretty mild. Sabin opens up with extremely urgent needing to pee. This is a puzzling and somewhat unsettling experience for me. I actually thought she was going to pee her pants (and my backseat) when we were in Chicago.

Anyway, we had sushi together and then fetched the boys. Came home and continued reading the BFG by Roald Dahl. I'm thinking we'll probably finish this chapter book and then send it home with Sabin. She missed the first third of the book and you might like to read the whole thing together.

From Steve's house tonight, we brought home the Lego container ship. That's great, because Indiana Yones Lego guy might want to ship some bulk goods somewhere. Hey, these Legos are interchangeable! Fun, fun! And look here, some bare space on your floor, Anemonica, right over there in the corner behind the door. Oh, well it was bare floor just a few minutes ago. Owen, Finny is playing with your Lego!


julochka said...

i thought you knew about her tiny bladder because of your time here. yes, it's bad and yes, it's immediately urgent. and yes, i think it's genuine. and yes, there can be two pee trips during one meal. there is an element of boredom alleviation in it as well on the second trip.

you must send pix of the new clothes! i swear a gold belt went into that tan suitcase--did you try looking up in the zipped bit of the lid on the inside? that belt isn't here, so it has to have gone in.

and yes, the Legos are interchangeable. has she referred to them as "adult" legos yet? i think that's so cute when she does that.

julochka said...

you were warned about that last bit with the legos--it is after all "skill #9." :-)