Tuesday, June 24, 2008

getting a bit nervous now

can't wait to see what these monkeys will get up to.
jens hage is absolutely awesome!
and they look pretty good on my iMac screen .

but i must admit that i woke up in the night worrying about sabin's trip. i saw plane crashes, car accidents, insane people with guns who shoot up shopping centres in your land, hospital waiting rooms and felt the panic of being a good 12 hours away should any of that happen. which it won't, but bad things seem possible in the wee hours of the morning.

sabin's just totally excited and happy. but i'm really glad i'm going to the airport with her and that i won't leave 'til she's safely on her plane and airborne. she's going to be instructed to switch on her phone and call me as soon as she's in chicago and they say she can turn it on. and then she'll call me again when she gets out to anemonica. 

after that, it'll be up to you to drive carefully and stay away from maniacs in malls.

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