Wednesday, June 18, 2008

countdown to pookalakka: one week to go

countdown to pookalakka

this toothy grin will be on your doorstep (if we think broadly and consider o'hare to be within the realm of your doorstep) in a week.  she's counting down the days and is very anxious to pack.  we've secured prezzies for "aunt" and owen and finn.  

you have to prepare yourself in a number of ways:
  1. practice "yo mama" routine.
  2. get ready to "pick a card" (what's going on in the pic above), even if it's not cards but bits of licorice that can be split into 3.
  3. find supply of licorice for small danish palate.
  4. stock up on cucumbers (bearing in mind that she ate 3 WHOLE long (english) cucumbers the other night)
  5. stock up on tomatoes
  6. stock up on cauliflower and brun sauce (this is new, tonight at aspendos) steam the broccoli (oops, i mean cauliflower) and i will send brun sauce ingredients and recipe from neighbor Else.
  7. rubber sheets ('nuff said) and lice treatments (we'll do our best to send her lice free, but with the other parents at school doing NADA, i can't make guarantees) 
  8. word lists
  9. get ready to do fun stuff with thick, long hair
  10. book manicure and pedicure

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