Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jetlag... finally

Sabin has a sore throat. Aunt Monica is feeling rotten at consoling her. She's doing a little light coughing and I've given her a small amount of every medicine in the house. The complaints continued and I asked her what else I could do... rub her back, stroke her hair, put on pajamas & get comfy in a nest. The last one was bingo. So while she and I went to change into jamas and brush teeth and go potty, Finn climbed up into "her" bed and made that nest. He's been volunteering to help all evening.

Earlier today, we were on our way home from the pool when the complaints were listed again in the back seat. Finn said, "Man, you really have a lot of problems!" Sabin didn't see any humor.

Today wasn't all complaints. We went to Cherry Hill Pool and the big kids went down the big slides several times. Mostly, they played in the big sandbox, though, as it was really windy and getting in and out of the pool made one feel icy cold.

So we made a big trip to the grocery store and came home to have big plates of nachos. Before the kids ate, I set out on the table all of the nacho ingredients; seasoned ground beef, melty cheese, salsa, jalapenos, vidalia onions & fresh tomatoes. I was paying more attention to the webcam conversation between Sabin and Poppelvej when Owen climbed up to the table to get a head start on the meal. He ate a jalapeno. At first he was completely fine. But then he realized that his mouth was on fire. Started bawling. Drank all his milk and then mine. Finny got him a bottle of water then, which was gone about 7 minutes later. His tummy full of liquid, he was no longer hungry and left the table. Over in the living room, he rubbed an eye. More burning. More bawling. Poor kid. Anyway, he keeps running to the bathroom now and has been eating some super-safe saltines.

Perhaps tomorrow, I'll serve a really mild meal; mac & cheese for the boys, some sushi for me & Sabin.

No picture posting today, they don't allow cameras at the pool here.

The good news is, Sabin has given in to her whiny, jetlagging and dry throated self and has now fallen asleep in her nest. The movie is almost over. The rest of us will do the same in just a few minutes.

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julochka said...

poor owen!! you should have given him some salt! that helps put out the fire! i thought you just had some freak mild greenhouse jalapeno. poor dear, i hope it doesn't end his food adventurousness!

and as for sabin, she just had to adjust to the time and get over that sore throat that you can get from a plane. hopefully a good night's sleep helped.