Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last Minute Planning

Would like to submit temporary name change of this blog from "Just Know Where You Are" to "Just Know Where Your Children Are." Not sure I can very accurately keep track of all three of our children for nearly all of one month. You realize that three kids is like 50% more than two kids, right?

We have the following things planned:
* Shedd Aquarium in Chicago
* t-ball game attendance (Finn, Monday, Wednesday)
* Swimming pool attendance (loads)
* Bike rides (we can find an open bike trail)
* trip to So Dak in tiny Toyota Yaris (July 1 - 6)
+ fishing
+ boating
+ inner tubing
- pulled behind boat
- down at Wheeler with Grandma (we'll make a long, long, choo choo train)
+ swimming
+ sand castle building (Snake Creek, not Wheeler, no sand - just rocks at Wheeler)
+ rock skipping down at Wheeler
+ Nachtigal family reunion
+ video lottery machines entertain while Anemonica has beer with Grampa Ralph
+ kitty petting
+ garden tending with Grampa Ralph
* Daily swimming lessons (July 7 - 18)
* Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha (July 12 - 13)
* Build-A-Bear Workshop at Coral Ridge Mall (if it's not under water)
* Nintendo play (Wii & DS)

I promise to make daily blog entries to log Sabin's first big summer away from home. We'll even post some videos somewhere, too. I expect our days to fly by. Before she knows it, she'll be on the plane back home.


julochka said...

playing with Lego and riding a horse seem to be missing from this list...riding in a cart with a horse pulling it is ok too. and shopping for clothing at williamsburg outlet mall, that's missing too. you will have to shop for clothing, as her suitcases are filled with gifties and pillows from ikea.

Monica said...

strange how riding those horses never comes up with my boys. It was easy for me to forget about Williamsburg, also, because I don't typically take my boys in public!