Monday, June 30, 2008

potty emergencies

we were on the train/metro on our way to the airport to depart for barcelona. about 5 metro stops from the airport, the urgent potty call came. there was a sincerely pained look and near tears. so, husband gets off the metro with sabin 3 stops from the airport, thinking that they can just hop on the next one and be about 5-10 minutes behind us. karoline, mathilde and i go on and go check in. i didn't think they'd let us check husband and sabin in as well without seeing the whites of their eyes, but this is the land of common sense and it was the gold line, plus i had their passports, so i checked all 5 of us in.

meanwhile, no sign of husband and sabin. then, a call from husband, something happened on the metro line (great timing) and it wasn't running anymore. there were no taxis in sight and less than an hour 'til our spanair flight was due to leave. panic! the announcements said it might be up and running again within 10 minutes. we were feeling the pain of having produced someone with a bladder the size of a pea.

anyway, 20+ minutes later, they did make it as the metro started to move again and we went in and straight to our gate, so no time for perfume shopping in the duty free. :-( we had a layover in madrid and at least got a candy fix there.

by the way, she isn't afraid to pee in a ditch, you just have to help a lot more than you do with the boys. :-)

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