Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Disappointment of Breads

I've been missing the bøller I ate regularly in Denmark. Those soft, chewy wonderful little guys you pop in the toaster. They're great with peanut butter or apricot preserves. That yummy sandwich we made, the ham salad with slices of avocado and then a nice, crunchy layer of sea salt on top. Perfect. But they're best simply slathered in soft butter. Gobble the two halves and then contemplate having another.

I bought some bag of mini-loaves of bread at Target. They have a bakery, the bag looked like it might contain some nice soft bread. It was awful. I had one sandwich made from that bread and then threw the rest out.

I went to Hy Vee today, a better bakery. I got some tried and true sweet french loaf that I used to make Cubano sandwiches from. I had a bit of it and remembered why I liked it. But it's just... so. Much. Bread. I also picked up a little bag of "bøller" looking guys there, called "snowflake rolls." They're completely caked on the outside with flour. Not a nice feeling in the mouth. The bread inside isn't terrible, but it's just so lacking in character. Not exactly dry, but the little holes that are supposed to hold a bit of humidity in bread... they're microscopic in this bread. Not in a good way. It's like th uptight people mixed the dough too much.

Can't you get me that recipe that Sinna used at Christmas in Sweden? Now THAT bread had character. And proper humidity holes.

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