Monday, March 31, 2008

totally strange...

so, sometime in the week before you left, i placed an order for guessed it...scrapping supplies, on ScrapInStyleTV, a scrapbooking community and commercial website, and for all i know, a t.v. show in some market other than the one where i reside. so, finally, today, a rather long time later, i received the package.

in between some of the cellophane envelopes of pretty papers, i found a stack of emails and printouts of orders. the orders themselves were not there, only the things i ordered were in the package. i decided, good-hearted person that i am, that i would send a mail to SiSTV and let them know about these mails, in case it meant that there were half a dozen people out there who hadn't received their orders from a month or more ago.

i stated pretty clearly in my email that i had these mails and order printouts and thought it was clear that the orders themselves weren't in my package. i get back a mail, from the guy whose name was on the outlook printouts in my package, apologizing, but also pointing the finger at his packing people. and asking me to send the stuff back to them, including the mails. now, in my original message, i had provided order numbers on the orders, so i would think that their records would be able to lead them to the correct orders.

i wrote back, stating a bit more clearly that i didn't have the actual orders, just these emails and that i had let them know because i wanted them to be sure their other customers had received their products. i said i'd thought they could probably find them from the order numbers, but that i would scan and send them if they thought that was necessary. i also mentioned to this guy, after he had laid the blame on his packing people, that the name on the printouts was his. incidentally, the email exchange with another customer that was in my package was the same--really accusatory towards the packing people. i found it a little unprofessional.

he emails back, saying that yes, indeed, he could find the orders from the numbers and that i didn't need to scan or send. then he actually said he had detected the "blame finger" pointed at him in my response, but that it couldn't be him as he was in a wheelchair and he'd never packed a thing as long as he'd worked for SiSTV. too much information!

i sent back a message, saying i was sorry it seemed like i was blaming him. what i had been trying to do from the beginning was to go out of my way to provide them with information and that part of the information at my disposal was that his name was the one on the print-outs. if he was looking for who to blame (which he seemed to be), then i was providing him with information for his investigation.

perhaps i should just chalk it up to the weirdness of email, but it got so weird that i'm not sure i'll ever order anything there again....

of course, just today, i decided that i have enough scrapping supplies to do me for a good long while and that i'll just stick with my kits for now. so maybe this just solidifies that.

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