Monday, March 24, 2008

organic boxes delivered to the door

written in word on march 20--while i was without internet...

why is it that my weekly delivery from årstiderne (translated as “the times of the year” or perhaps “the seasons,” if i wanted to be poetic and not so literal) makes me so happy? anyway, it doesn’t really matter what it’s called, it’s those people who deliver us a box of organic produce every week. lately, i’ve been ordering additional olive oil, bulgur, risotto rice, organic coconut milk. this week, i ordered the fish box...which is full of absolutely lovely fresh mackerel filets. deboned. you don’t see those in the grocery store and my saturday fish guy never has them. and they brought them straight to my door in a handy little styrofoam box filled with ice to keep them fresh. they also brought a box with a freshly-slaughtered lamb and a delicately-spicy hard lamb sausage—from their own lambs. for easter. and for my birthday. i’m making the leg of lamb (which is beautiful and has never been frozen) for my birthday dinner. there was fresh rosemary in the box this week too, so it’ll be absolutely perfect with it. and ab is coming. ab loves lamb.

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