Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday To Do List

Shopping -
* kitchen table
* bar stools/high chairs
* dishes
* bath towels
* hangers
* desk
* hand soap

Errands -
* Change address with Hills Bank & deposit $5 check from doctor's office dated 11/04/07
* Order utilities (gas, electric, water)
* Fetch Steve's snow shovel to clear patio for movers tomorrow
* Shower and change clothes at Steve's

Things to Bitch to Landlord about -
* wobbly toilet
* missing garage door opener (aren't I paying for a garage?)
* bathroom sink drain (not draining)
* dirty crap hanging from ceiling - ceiling needing paint
* laundry door not opening
* laundry detergent spill in laundry closet

Notes -
* Stay away from apartment while threat of running into stalker painter Carlos is high

1 comment:

julochka said...

and yet, there is an item on your list involving having ceilings painted...hmmm....