Monday, March 31, 2008

strangely uninspired

i think it might be the time change, but i'm draggin' today. i also ate a bad shawarma yesterday and my stomach still isn't right. that should teach me not to eat toxic things like that on the weekend.

to do today (updated at 12:46 p.m.):
  1. post office - pick up a package from "international" (they're so informative, those Post Danmark people) and mail letter to MQ (DONE)
  2. groceries - netto (i will be smarter in my grocery shopping this month) (DONE)
  3. pick up sabin (about to be DONE)
  4. go to jens hage's house to get a drawing for my team event next week
  5. create a couple of invoices
  6. draw something
  7. art journal page
  8. make something
  9. work on story campaign plan (DONE, but not finished)
  10. write email to richard (DONE)

to do this week:

  1. meet with the girls from the old training team
  2. pack
  3. go to barcelona for long weekend

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