Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy First Lost Tooth Saint Patrick's Day!

Banner day for the girl in the green furry boots. Owen finally lost that first tooth. He's now got the jack-o-lantern smile made famous by his cousin, Sabin. What a relief it is, too, because that tooth was barely hanging on. He would hardly wiggle it, because I think he was a little afraid of it falling out. It is awful to think about... your teeth falling out.

Oh, and the furry boots. I wore them along with the matching jacket to the Starbucks interview. She asked me if I had any questions for her. I flipped my notebook page and saw that all my questions had been answered and she mentioned the dress code. I said, "Isn't it green furry boots?" She smiled and described the black or white collared top, khaki or black pants and black or brown shoes. No perfume, no nail polish, no body piercings and hair pulled back. It was a pleasant image to me, the though of serving food makes one think of coming home smelling like a french fry. Not me man, just the lovely aroma of rich coffee.

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