Thursday, March 13, 2008

i feel a rant coming on

strange. i've had a lovely day. so, why should i feel a need to rant about something? maybe because i didn't sleep well last night. the tarp covering the windows to the addition was flapping in the wind. sabin was wimpering and tossing and turning her feverish body in bed next to me. so although it's been a fine day, i feel like ranting.

it's triggered by the ridiculousness of all the coaching and management training that's out there these days. whole sections of newspapers devoted to it. just like all the headlines regarding stress. this stuff is stressing us out. we're made to believe we can't communicate. we can't manage. we can't lead. but weren't people doing those things, successfully, in companies for years? why do we need some lame neuro-linguistic programming to help us read someone's body language? just use your HUMAN NATURE! use your intuition! use your COMMON SENSE!! what has happened to common sense? people have become completely afraid to use it. i fear it's going to totally disappear. become extinct. like the dinosaurs. only no fossil trace will be left behind.

and i guess that's what leaves me wanting to rant....

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