Monday, March 24, 2008

favorite fish in coconut milk

here's that recipe for the fish in coconut milk that you requested..

sauté in a pan with ½ butter/½ olive oil:
3 sliced leeks (4 if they’re small)
3-4 medium carrots, grated
1 zucchini, grated

i highly recommend using leeks as opposed to regular onions, tho’ it would work with regular onions. leeks just have a mild sweetness that goes almost buttery when they’re sautéed and that can’t be beat.

meanwhile, oil a pan using olive oil and a paper towel and lay your fish in the bottom of the pan. our favorite is a flat fish—“rødspætter” (red spotty one)—but any white fish will do—cod, trout, red snapper, talapio (sp?). i’ve also made it with salmon, but think there are better recipes for salmon. walleye would be very nice done like this.

pour the leek-carrot-zucchini mixture over it. dump a can of coconut milk over it (a big one, not like the little ones from fakta). if it doesn’t cover it, ok to fill with water (despite what husband says). tastier to fill it with cream. stick it in the oven 20-30 min at 325°F (depends on how thick your fish filets are and how hot your oven).

while it’s baking, boil some rice. use double the amount of liquid as you have of rice. thus, if you have 1 cup rice, use 2 cups liquid. i use coconut milk to give the rice a creaminess and a nutty sweetness that matches the fish dish. here, i use one of the small cans, plus the same can refilled with water twice. that gives enough liquid to cook the rice perfectly.

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