Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a new blog

so i discovered a wonderful new blog because the wonderful owner of the blog posted a very nice comment on my own blog yesterday, which led me to hers (click title above to go to it, but do read this first..). which is, i suppose, what this whole blogsophere thing is's taken me awhile to get that.

so anyway, on this blog, she is talking about how she and her spouse are paring down their more simply and sustainably. and while i so fervently admire that very, very much, i am at the same time torn. because i love being GOLD (and checking in first and leaving the plane first and having my luggage come off the belt first and i love those luggage tags they send me). and i totally adore gadgets. and i just got a brand new laptop today and ordered a new smartphone (HTC S730) and i long, positively LONG for an iPhone or at least an iPod touch (and that's in addition to my half a dozen other iPods). and if we think back to only the past week, where i nearly died without the internet (which is HUGE, by the way), then we have to wonder how it is that i will ever find the will to pare down. especially when there's etsy and the mailman brings things to me directly at my door.

but, despite all that, somewhere in me is the DESIRE (if not the will) to do so. so, i order organic and try to buy produce that's as local as possible (one does tire of parsnips and carrots and grotty old apples in the winter in denmark, so it's hard). and i can easily do without t.v. please, come and take my t.v. it's a ginormous (is that how that's spelled?) old philips anyway and takes up far too much space in comparison to the sleek, lovely little flat screens of today..but i DIGRESS....

i could do without t.v. and in fact, most of the time i do. except when morse is on on saturday nights. he's pretty cool. for a dead guy. and frankly, who needs t.v. when one can hang out in front of the internet (have i mentioned that it's HUGE?)...but i do WANT to be better. really i do.

just don't take my juicer. if i'm going to live a simple life, i need to be able to juice my local beets.

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