Thursday, March 6, 2008

My new HDTV

It makes me feel like I just got a new prescription and new contacts. HD is pretty.

Speaking of the new television, I must report that soap operas in this country have taken a strange turn. They're filmed with handheld cameras. There's a lot of irritating zooming in and out and bouncing around. It's the same people on the soap though, Lily, Alan Stenbeck, Beth Raines, Barbara on that other one.

The commercials on tv strike me as funny now. Americans like their medications and their diet programs. They also like extreme disinfection. I just saw a spot for a toilet bowl cleaner bragging that it kills bacteria down into the "s drain." According to the graphic, that's the part of the drain that's not visible because it's past the hole you look into. My question is, who needs those germs to die? Are they posing a serious threat to anyone? This country is seriously uptight.

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