Friday, June 20, 2008

Countdown Continues

Are you doing your best to keep Sabin awake late at night so she'll get adjusted to the time zone ahead of her trip?

We rode our bikes past the pool where our swimming lessons are supposed to begin two weeks from today. It's most surely a disaster area. I'll find out if there are lessons available at another pool tomorrow if someone at the recreation department will answer the phones. Am starting to get the impression that city employees are busy doing other things toward cleaning up the mess. Am also anxious to hear about the condition of the main public library. We really have a nice one and it had 9 feet of water in it just a week ago.

Am happy to report that Owen's t-ball madness will be over once Sabin arrives. Madness for sure! We've already had three games this week and we've got one under lights on Saturday night with a score board and everything.

Send a book or two that I can check out from your library. I just finished The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri and liked it very much.

This licorice I need to acquire. Must it taste of real licorice? Or will the strawberry twists we called Twizzlers suffice? I assume not. If it needs to be real licorice, can we arrange to breathe the nasty licorice smell somewhere far, far away from Anemonica? I don't do licorice.

Does Sabin have any skills? Folding laundry, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning? The boys asked me today if it's okay if they pillow fight with Sabin. Has she braced herself for her cousins? They're BOTH boys, is she aware? She'll come home with horror stories, I'm sure. We'll try to photograph all of it.

Speaking of photographs, I'll leave you with a jump shot from Owen's birthday party in the park.

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julochka said...

whoa! that is an excellent jump shot--esp. steve! amazing!

we'll send some licorice with the child, but with the rate at which she eats candy, it will soon be gone.

she mostly plays with boys anyway, so i think she'll be ok.