Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the world's most rugged greenhouse

we're building a greenhouse out front of our house.
it will have the same steep roof as our house.
we're trying to use as many recycled/repurposed materials as we can.

i made this brick mosaic floor in one end, using the leftover cut-up bricks from the building of our addition.  i hated for them to go to waste.

it's made of extremely thick beams and is dug into the ground in order to avoid problems with heights and distance from the property line and such things.

there are two beds built along the sides.
the sunken area (where i paved with the bricks) will house a little table and 2 chairs so you can sit in among the plants.

we're recycling these panels which used to be the terrace on the back of our house.

here is one of the panels in place.  we actually have two tomato plants already planted in the greenhouse, but otherwise there won't be that much there this year.
i did plant all of dahlias there (at bit late), so there should be flowers late summer.
next year there will be veggies of all kinds.
down at the end in the two corners we'll plant a peach and a kiwi tree, just for fun.


Monica said...

Sounds like a truly green greenhouse. That's cool.

I like the angry dark clouds in that last picture.

julochka said...

we've had a lot of those clouds of late...but with intermittent sunshine, so it's ok.

Anonymous said...

now we are talking more than handyman here... this is awesome! i would love a greenhouse!
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

julochka said...

thanks, robin! and moneek! :-)